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For more and better values, life and progress, just like genius.

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Future home of Open Edge Coherent Learning Collaborative Education.

Open Edge Coherent Learning Education is focus on developing coherent learning collaborative education progress. By advancing learning, education, health and eco friendly environment aptitude enhancement and potential empowerment throughout multidisciplinary open edge coherent learning education, research, creativity and innovation.

It is special kind of learning, It is exclusive learning, It is continuous open edge coherent learning education,
all about Achieving Mastery Aptitude Of Improving And Advancing, Evolving And Thriving Successfully.

  • Learning knowledge is potential.
  • Properly applied knowledge is a power.
  • Knowing where, when and how to learn and apply knowledge is wisdom.
Vahlinov Andy Freedman, co-founder Mamadomia Foundation

Collaborating the Possibilities Of Special Purpose Coherent Learning Excellence

International NPO-NGO for coherent learning collaboration and multidisciplinary online intersection of creatology, science, and technology across the world, the primary objective of the Open Edge AcademyDom is devoted to excellence in special purpose open edge teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. The AcademyDom master plan is made up of 7 principal creativity and innovation development units to utilize and facilitate advance learning, evolving and progressing young leadership programs.

Open Edge AcademyDom Of Coherent Learning Education is special kind of multidisciplinary open edge education recommended for people and organisations of all age, levels and cultures with state of mind set for advancing, achieving, evolving and thriving for more and better values, life and progress.

It is done from the best for the best, for the benefit of all.
At Open Edge Coherent Learning AcademyDom every one is a educator and educatee.

Open Edge Coherent Learning AcademyDom is a open source and core educational project.

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  • Lead And Forward
    in real time open edge coherent learning educational environment.

  • Create, Innovate and Improve
    open edge educational in time learning resource to meet the real time dynamic needs.

  • Adapt, Utilize and Reuse
    open educational solution in an wide range of context.

  • Revise, Remix, Combine
    original resource to develop new practical results of real time open edge education utilizations.

  • Network, Distribute and Share
    make in time open edge educational resource accessible anywhere at any time on any Telematics device.

Enabling real time dynamical collaborative coherent learning experiences between personal creative aptitudes and innovation development team creative workspace in simple and practical process utilization of spontaneous innovation engagement.

Volunteers who are native English speakers or who have excellent English writing and translating skills are needed to help Academydom Development Foundation to develop its English base website and other communication materials in English, and assist youth exchange activities. Personal qualities such as responsibility, thoughtfulness, cooperativeness, are expected.

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